Allie’s Secrets – The Notebook

The Notebook

The Notebook

Accommodated to screen in the Nicholas Sparks novel of exactly the same name, The Notebook is among the greatest intimate plays to reach to the big screen. Set in the World War II age, The Notebook is an excellent movie…

Duke (James Garner) often reads to an older girl in the pages of a laptop. Duke continues to read because of the profound and enduring friendship, although suffering from the terrible Alzheimer’s disease, her memories which he is read in the past appears and vanishes without sequence.

The narrative of the laptop centers around a teenaged boy and girl who meet in the late- 1930s’ lives. When Allie and Noah fall greatly in love, Allie’s parents attempt to break the couple up. The Hamiltons are not poor, and Noah’s dad and he are from the poor side of town. However, Noah and Allie are determined to be jointly.

Noah is sent into battle, when World War II breaks out. Numerous letters are written by him to his love, but they go unanswered because the letters are being hidden by Allie’s parents along with her responses to Noah. After several years Allie becomes participated to businessman that is successful.

Allie’s visit Noah turns when they learn the truth both their worlds upside down. Now, Allie must select between the fiancee she really loves and the guy who’s her real genuine love…

Celebrity Ryan Gosling is likeable and amusing in his portrayal of the dynamic and youthful Noah Calhoun. Featuring his brilliant abilities better serves the Notebook as a picture. Also, up and coming performer Rachel McAdams is excellent in her character as Allie. Her youthful romance’s emotions are certainly shared by an instinctive and natural penchant for giving her lines in only the proper manner. Call it onscreen charm or whatever, but McAdams is one to consider in the future.

In a nutshell, The Notebook is not as bad a movie because it’s as a novel. Few novels translate onto the big screen along with whatever read in print The Notebook will be heralded because of its ability to do that. Good- made and featuring some amazing pictures of places that are natural, The Notebook ranks as an absolute must see movie.


Here are a few of the best scenes from the Notebook. I just have to say it.. this is without a doubt the best romantic movie I’ve ever seen.