All Things Must Pass…

It’s been an exciting ride, one that’s  lasted over two years. But the ticket has expired, and the run is crashing to an end.

Sadly, Tri-City Film is closing its virtual doors. Many amazing filmmakers have been featured on these pages, and it was a pleasure to have the chance to learn from them and feature their work. I’m now lucky enough to call many of these people friends.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sit down to talk about the passion—film. You know who you are.

This is getting kind of heavy, so time to lighten the mood. Dim the lights and chill the wine, because good news is coming!

Yes, Tri-City Film has reached an end, but where I’m from, every end leads to new beginnings.

A new site is launching soon that will be everything Tri-City Film was, only better. It will be your one stop shop to discover all the news, events, casting calls, and interviews pertaining to your local film culture. It’s called Indie Film Ontario. And it’s going to be amazing.

Plus, all the features from Tri-City Film can be found on Indie Film Ontario…once it launches, and it launches soon!!!

So really, you’re not losing anything, just gaining.

Except that girl who got the tattoo…well, she can keep Tri-City Film alive forever!

Thanks for reading, contributing, sharing, and being so cool.

Your friend in film,

David Briggs

P.S. Keep in touch…Indie Film Ontario can’t run without you! Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and be sure to check the site…especially once it launches!


Indie film ontario~logo 1

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Call for Cast and Crew


Are launching their film program with the following projects:


A story of love and friendship that spans the years; both touching and dramatic.


A sci fi web series set in a Star Trek-like universe.

We have a full cast but we are seeking camera crew, and sound crew.

Please note these are NOT paying positions at this time.  It is strictly volunteer and payment may be made available at a later time.  This budding indie film project needs volunteers.  Thanks.

We also have a whole slate of upcoming projects from horror/comedy films to a fairytale web series.

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Seeking Locations for Short Film

Distant Field Productions needs you!!!

We’re looking for locations for an upcoming short film to be shot in mid to late August.

We’ll only be at each location for one day, so we won’t wear out our welcome. Plus we’re all very cool.

We need to find a barn, large shed, older looking garage, or abandoned house to shoot a vital scene for an upcoming film.

A home with a large bedroom would also be much appreciated.

Contact us at with ANY leads. Please spread the word! Plus, we’ll pay for the location if that sweetens the deal.

We’re also looking to rent an old RV. The smaller the better. A pimped out van would hit the spot as well.

Plus, we’re still casting for some roles!

So much going on…we really do need you!

Below is an artist’s rendering of what we’re looking for…this is farm country, someone must have an extra outbuilding for us!


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Youth Video Contest

Youth Video CompetitionAnnouncing an exciting opportunity for youth to express their creativity, win prizes and have their videos digitally projected on city hall, Kitchener.

Please share this news!

·         Open to youth, ages 12-25

·         Winners get cash prizes!

Finalists get great exposure–the videos will be projected on ‘The Cube’ atop Kitchener City Hall using state-of-the-art Christie Digital projectors.

Submission deadline: June 14, 2013

Learn more:, or

Brought to you by the City of Kitchener’s Public Art Program.

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Shock and Awe at Shock Stock 2013

It’s a haven for horror hounds, an indulgence for indie film fans. A scene that calls to the cult cinema diehard, and elicits the exploitation junkie. It’s called Shock Stock, and Jake Windatt sums up the experience best: “we call it a subculture celebration.”

574609_10151532604795341_177340392_nWindatt, along with long-time co-conspirator James Bialkowski, co-founded the event under the Grimbrothers name. Entering its third year, Shock Stock—held at Centennial Hall in London—is fast becoming an April ritual  for film fans far and wide. The reasons for this are simple—stocked vendors, cool films, and a stellar line up of celebrity guests.  And with “Canada’s Filthiest Horror Convention!” as their  tagline, you know it’s going to be good.

62174_605877336095284_1718403685_nWhile ideas percolated for the inaugural Shock Stock, the Grimbrothers thought to separate themselves from other conventions. Windatt explains how they wanted “more of a community atmosphere. Somewhere you can go and feel like you belong, and you can stay for the weekend and have fun.”

Wanting to foster a more communal vibe for the event came about from years of hosting screenings at various conventions in the States and “the big one in Toronto,” Windatt explains.

“We want people to enjoy the atmosphere and socialize,” he emphasizes. “We want the guests to feel like they connect with their fans. And we want the vendors to feel like they’re part of the show too.”

379676_510145219036147_984574425_nShock Stock vendors definitely add to the appeal. Browse the tables and you’ll find rare VHS tapes, obscure DVD releases, and more posters and movie memorabilia than your rock and roll van could ever hold. If you’ve been dying to cross an elusive title off your must-see list, these are the people to see.

“We want to go after the people who have and share a passion for these films,” Windatt says, referring to his prime motivation for focusing mainly on horror and exploitation cinema. As for improving on an already incredible event, Windatt has a sure-fire way to do so—”focus on the fans, listen to the fans.”

It’s good to know someone is listening.

There are too many events and cool things occurring at Shock Stock to list them all here. In brief, the event is held at Centennial Hall in London, Ontario, on April 12-14. Passes are still available, and you can purchase in advance or at the event.

Visit the Shock Stock website for all the gory details. Check the guest list. Once you find out who’s rolling into London town, the hounds of hell won’t be able to keep you away.

And as every Tri-City Film article exists to promote local filmmakers, rest assured that we’ll be well represented at Shock Stock. Kitchener filmmakers Torin Langen and Zach Ramelan will be there, and Reese Eveneshen, Gabriel Carrer, and Chad Archibald will remind all  the people how Guelph throws down the terror.


See you there!

~ David Briggs


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Film Crew Required for Summer Shoot

Local filmmaker Scott Clevely is actively seeking crew members for an upcoming shoot scheduled for Summer 2013.

All of the details (and much more!) can be found on his blog at:

Or to save time, I’ve posted the original posting below. Let the film magic begin!


Just as important as finding the right actors to make our short film we need to find the right film crew.  We’re looking for a few good people from Waterloo Region and Guelph to play some key roles in helping us carry out the vision of our script.



I firmly believe in paying artists and technicians for their time.  We will be raising funds through crowd source funding and we have an application in for an arts grant and it’s from these funds that we will be paying honorariums.  We just won’t know how much we have until the fundraising is complete.


It’ll be a three day shoot this summer.  We’re still trying to lock down the production dates.


Storyboard Artist

To draw storyboards and help communicate my camera shot sequences, especially the action scenes, to the film crew and the visual effects supervisors.


Who will help Erik O’Neill, our Director of Photography, execute his lighting plan during production.

Key Grip

Also to help Erik O’Neill and the Gaffer diffuse and cut the light as well us move the camera dolly and help with the camera crane.

Sound Mixer

Need a good audio engineer that records the production sound on set at the time of shooting.  We have they gear, just need a good experienced sound mixer.

Production Designer

An artist who would be responsible for designing the overall visual appearance of our short film from wardrobe to set design.  (This is a cool job for sure and I look forward to working with a production designer on this film.)

Set Designer

A person responsible for translating the production designer’s vision of the movie’s environment into a set which can be used for filming.  There are a couple sets that need to be built, including a cliff face which will likely be made out of 2 x 4’s and a treatment to make it look like rock.  This set designer needs to be handy and creative with some experience with set design.

Costume Designer

A person who’ll help choose and designs the costumes for our film.

Hair Stylist

A person responsible for maintaining our actors’ hairstyles during filming.

Stunt Co-ordinator

The person who arranges and plans stunts with a focus on safety.  There is a fight scene between two actors, another scene where an actor will be in a harness so he floats and a fall onto a crash mat.

Script Supervisor

This person will tracks which parts have been filmed, how the filmed scenes deviated from the script; they also make continuity notes, creating a lined script.  Some filmmaker experience is needed here as it’s a critical position.

Productions Assistants

We also we have some unpaid production assistants and for these positions no experience is required.  Just a willingness to learn.


Maybe you’re not interested or don’t have the skills but know someone who does.  Please share this page with them by clicking one of the share buttons below.

Ready to be part of our film production team?

Please leave a comment in the box below or contact me.

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Casting call from StillWaters Productions

StillWaters Productions is casting for a festival production of The Maple Leaves, a play by Heather Debling. The play will be presented at the SpringWorks Indie Theatre and Arts Festival in Stratford in May directed by Gada Jane.

About the play: 1917. The Western Front. New recruit Billy Haven arrives eager to kill his first Hun. Instead, he’s ordered to put on a dress and sing. Suddenly one of the Maple Leaves, a group of men who perform for the troops to boost morale, Billy must determine where his duty truly lies.

We’ll be casting five males aged 18-40.

​Performance dates: Wednesday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m. and Saturday, May 18 at 12:00 p.m.

Rehearsal dates: Dates to be determined (mid-April to mid-May)

Auditions will be held on Friday, March 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, March 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Dancemakers (Studio 314, Case Goods Building, Distillery).

For more information, find all the details here:

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